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Why use Proton VPN for Business?

Secure internet access from anywhere

Encrypt your internet connection to mitigate the risks from untrusted internet connections.

Proton VPN has advanced anti-censorship, malware, and man-in-the-middle attack protections designed to even work in locations with hostile internet conditions.

Network security and access control

Private gateways can be configured and deployed instantly, providing an easy and reliable way to do network segmentation and isolation. Limit access to only devices and networks that you trust, making security compliance easy.

Global network spanning 65+ countries

Proton VPN has one of the world’s largest VPN networks so you can have high performance and low latency no matter where you are.

Our network diversity also lets you see how the internet looks from anywhere in the world.

Network security from the brand you can trust

<h2>Built by scientists and publicly audited</h2>

Built by scientists and publicly audited

Proton was founded in Geneva, Switzerland by scientists who met at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and today remains led by scientists. In line with our scientific DNA, Proton VPN is open source. Our security claims are not merely claims, but facts that anybody can verify and are publicly audited(new window).

<h2>Based in Switzerland, but serving the world</h2>

Based in Switzerland, but serving the world

As a Swiss company, Proton falls under the protection of some of the world’s strongest privacy laws. Switzerland is neutral, allowing Proton customers to benefit from unparalleled stability, discretion, and rule of law. Our customers range from governments to startups, and we serve over 100 million end user accounts.

<h2>Unparalleled resilience under pressure</h2>

Unparalleled resilience under pressure

Proton’s mission is to serve the public good. Our VPN is regularly battle-tested in some of the world’s most adverse environments. Proton VPN users include Novaya Gazeta, winner of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, and our work advancing internet freedom has been chronicled on the front page of the New York Times(new window).

<h2>Expertise and experience like no other</h2>

Expertise and experience like no other

Our team consists of the 400+ researchers, engineers, and security specialists who created Proton Mail and many other popular security services. We operate 24/7 to build a safer internet and support our user community. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, former CERN scientist and inventor of the World Wide Web, sits on our advisory board.

Proton VPN for Business features

Proton VPN has unique features that make it unlike any other enterprise grade VPN, and offers all-around protection that goes beyond the typical VPN use cases.

<h2>Dedicated IP addresses and servers</h2>

Dedicated IP addresses and servers

Dedicated IP addresses and private gateways allow employees to securely access company resources from anywhere, while allowing you to deny access from all others such as malicious actors.

<h2>Ease your compliance journey</h2>

Ease your compliance journey

Private gateways and dedicated servers make it easy to segment and control access to sensitive resources, making it easy to meet the requirements for security certifications such as ISO 27001, SOC2, etc.

<h2>Instant deployment with zero hardware</h2>

Instant deployment with zero hardware

No hardware is required, which means you can get started with Proton VPN right away. With a fast and simple deployment and 24/7 support, onboarding is a seamless experience.

<h2>Defend against malware threats</h2>

Defend against malware threats

Our NetShield malware-blocker helps prevent malicious internet sites from infecting your team’s devices. It can also block ads, trackers, and other categories of unwanted online activity.

<h2>Unique anti-censorship technology</h2>

Unique anti-censorship technology

Features such as VPN Accelerator, Stealth protocol, and Alternative Routing ensure that Proton VPN always works fast, no matter where you are. Always-on VPN and auto-connect help you stay protected.

<h2>Protection against MITM attacks</h2>

Protection against MITM attacks

Proton VPN applications have built-in protections against man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks for operations over hostile networks. Proton VPN apps will proactively warn if such an attempt is detected and refuse connections to a malicious server.

Looking for more than network security?

Proton is also the world's largest encrypted email provider, and provides end-to-end encrypted cloud storage, calendar, and password manager.