Biological and evolution research at the museum

The collections of the Australian Museum are a physical bank of biological and cultural information much of which is not on display in the exhibition galleries. Our science involves research into and care of this valuable resource.

We maintain a number of Natural Science and Cultural collections which are preserved and made available to researchers in Australia and abroad in order to increase knowledge about our world with the intention of helping to solve key challenges facing society today.

A staff of research scientists, technical officers and collection managers works on our collections in the context of answering questions about our environment and history. In addition we supervise the work of students and host visiting researchers from around the world.

The Australian Museum supports the teaching of evolution as the scientifically tested and verifiable theory for the origin and development of all species on Earth.

Stages of Decomposition

Virtual Autopsy

Follow a human autopsy process from start to finish including an external examination, opening the body, viewing internal organs, removing the organs and weighing them, removing the brain, replacing all organs and closing the body.

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