Climate change is a crisis that threatens our life-support systems. Humans have created the crisis and we have the skills and solutions to turn it around. We can better care for nature, each other and ourselves.

The Australian Museum (AM), with its long-term research and significant outreach about nature and culture, is well-placed to make a strong contribution to documenting and responding to climate change. The first climate communications centre in Australia’s museum sector, the Climate Solutions Centre has been established to increase positive public engagement in climate change. We are informed by AM scientists’ work on biodiversity, research on the cultural dimensions of climate change, and First Nations approaches to caring for Country.

The AM has taken a bold approach to the sustainability of its own operations; we have announced the achievement of Climate Active (Carbon Neutral) status, 26 November 2020.

These pages help to answer questions about climate change, what the AM is doing and, importantly, what you can do.

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Climate Solutions Centre

The Australian Museum has established a Climate Solutions Centre (CSC) to bring together cutting-edge research and insights from people on the ground to create ways of engaging broad audiences with climate solutions.

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