Snakes, spiders, sharks and other dangerous animals

Learn about the effects of snake venom and how spider bites are treated. Be on the defense when aggressive birds attack. Jellyfish can deliver a painful sting, but other marine animals can kill. Fish are usually seen as a food source, but the stinging stonefish elicits such pain to a person’s body that you may die from shock.

Dangerous animals are not limited to spiders, snakes and large animals with teeth.

The great white shark, the Australian cobra and crocodile are formidable predators and pose dangers to humans. But on average, all the people killed each year by snakes, crocodiles and sharks can be counted on just one hand.

Tiny insects like the mosquito, birds, or even fish can pose a much deadlier threat to unknowing humans. The Australian paralysis tick can latch on to humans and is virtually undetectable. It secretes proteins from the tick’s saliva that creates a lethal allergic reaction in humans.

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